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Some of the most spectacular beaches you can imagine, bathed in evening sun, clear waters lapping on the shore, a glass of wine to hand and good friends around ……….. to my  mind this scene has to be finished off with a delicious meal.

How about…….. BAKED SWEET CHILLI CAMEMBERT , FOLLOWED BY VENISON SAUSAGES SERVED WITH CREAMY PUY LENTILS , FINISHED  WITH CARAMELISED PLUMS IN BRANDY SNAP BASKETS……………………………………..doesn’t tickle your fancy?   Ok ,…… try Thai crab cakes, pecorino and basil stuffed pork fillet served with garlic potatoes, and roasted vegetables, finished with baileys chocolate Mud dessert. ……….all cooked on an open fire.

At SKEG you will have the opportunity to try out some of these dishes or try different techniques before you embark on your own expedition.

Try baking bread in  a dutch oven , or even a sponge cake ! How about freshly caught mackerel smoked within 10 minutes of being hooked. Bring your own original and exciting ideas to share too …. that s what it s all about !











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Costs to attend the Expedition Gathering are


Fully catered residential  -inc Fri evening meal   £150/ person

Camping (self catering )                                     £95 / person


These prices include all workshops and transport

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In spring 2010,  Alice Courvoisier  and her friend left the safety of their Yorkshire home to embark on a four month kayaking journey through Arctic Scandinavia. Their chosen route along the indented, islet-strewn Norwegian coast, then through the heart of Lapland down the Finnish-Swedish border-rivers had looked ideal from the comfort of home! In practice, they soon realised that in order to reach their goal, they would need patience: the patience to accept the “tyranny of the weather”, the patience to admit that they weren’t born sea nomads and had a lot to learn.

At the symposium Alice will share her experience as an amateur expeditioner, describing what they learned about Northern Norway by visiting from the sea, and show some of the fantastic scenery they had the privilege to watch – the alpine peaks of Nordland and Troms, sea eagles soaring in blue skies, dusk merging into dawn in the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, the sea’s spectrum of colours, the barren plateaux of Finnmark, and the forest greens of Lapland.

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